Protecting your investment

We at Softie know that down feather products can be expensive, but with proper care and maintenance, your products can last over a decade! Learn how to take full care of your down feather products.

Washing and Drying
Down products do not need to be regularly washed, a good time frame to would be to wash once every one or two years. All softie products have been pre-washed twice to prevent shrinkage and test durability.  For pillows, comforters, and featherbeds, simply put into a washing machine with detergent and wash under normal wash cycle with cold water. Do NOT use fabric softener as fabric softeners contain oils that damage down feathers causing the product to no longer be fluffy or trap heat.  Drying machines can be used, although it will take around 5 - 10 hours to completely dry. To save costs, we recommend drying by sunlight.  A standard sized down comforter will normally take anywhere from 24 - 48 hours to dry completely.  Please make sure your products are completely dry before use as down feather goods are made from natural materials and have a propensity to build mould in damp conditions.  For comforters, be sure to fluff out each individual cell after drying to ensure they can efficiently trap air.  For more information, watch our YouTube video.

Protectors are used, as the word implies, to protect your mattress.  As mattresses tend to be big investments, protectors will help stop spills, accidents, oils, and dirt from penetrating into your mattress.  If the mattress is relatively old, there is a chance that mites or mould may be growing inside.  Softie's mattress protectors have a protective barrier that prevents these things from ever reaching you.  As down feather pillows are expensive as well, Softie has launched its new pillow protector <-(hyperlink) that can protect your pillow from oils, sweat, spills, saliva, and dirt.  Protectors can and should be regularly washed.  

Down feather products are made of natural substances and are prone to build mould, mildew, or fungus if stored incorrectly.  When storing any down products, we recommend keeping them in our vacuum-sealed bags, or any canvas bag in a dry, cool area.  Do NOT use plastic bags to store the products as this can trap moisture.