5 Stars Hotel Bedding

5 star hotel bedding

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Hilton goose feather mattress

5 star hotel bed essentials

Intex Durabeam Air Bed

It only takes 5 minutes to use
Mite & Waterproof Bedding

Anti-dust mite waterproof sheets

Qualification test GB/T 24253-2009, 9.2

Softeihk goal

Our vision is to make every morning an unparalleled wake-up call, as soft premium bedding gently caresses you and immerses you in pure luxury. Let us redefine your sleep experience and transform your home into a peaceful retreat.


Soft morning coat

This is a soft, plush bathrobe perfect for morning and evening use. It's made from high-quality plush material that's comfortable and warm to the touch. Whether you're waking up in the morning or relaxing in the evening, this bathrobe will bring you comfort. Its material is lightweight and soft, absorbing moisture quickly and keeping you dry. In addition, it has good thermal insulation properties and can effectively keep your body warm. This bathrobe is designed to be simple and elegant, with a loose cut and length that allows you to move and stretch freely. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee or cozying up in the evening, this soft, plush bathrobe is ideal.
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Great Back Support feather cushion

Vibrant Cushion cover

Bring life to your room and vivid your day. Just easily display colorful cushion in the bedroom and sofa. Softiehk cushion cover comes with 3 styles: Cutie Birdee, Vibrant Tree, Colorful Lotus.
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Bring 5 star hotel comfort to your home today! Softiehk has over 20 years of experience in supplying bedding products to prestigious hotels across Hong Kong and Macau.
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