Waterproof dust mite proof sheets

    Why softiehk fabric repels dust mites:

    Softiehk anti-dust mite waterproof sheets are made of soft polyester fabric and high-density mucous membrane composite. It effectively reduces the excretion of dust mites, mainly from the enzymes called Proteases in the digestive system of dust mites, which cause sensitive skin. Runny nose or respiratory problems.

    Generally, the length of dust mites is about 0.25mm, while the length of their feces is 0.07mm, which is thinner than any piece of yarn. Today’s yarn-making technology can only achieve 1.32mm, which is 180 times denser than excrement, and a yarn is The gaps created by the other weave are not enough to prevent excrement from leaking in and out. Moreover, the gaps in the cloth will be enlarged after repeated washing in the washing machine, so dust mite-proof fabric cannot be woven from threads.

    Using mucous membrane is another good method. It does not use weaving technology and there are no gaps between lines. There are many small holes in the mucous membrane, each about 0.01-0.015mm. Sweat is discharged through the holes. Due to the size of dust mites The size of the hole is smaller than that of dust mites, which dust mites cannot enter or exit. Comment from Wikipedia ​, Generally, a hole of .002mm - 0.01mm can prevent dust mite allergies. The mucous membrane is just enough to meet the requirements stated by Wikipedia. Because the mucous membrane is too thin and too soft, a piece of cloth needs to be added before it is put on the mattress. Cotton cloth is It cannot stick to mucous membranes, only poly materials can. Therefore, softiehk anti-dust mite cloth needs to be composed of poly fabric + mucous membrane.

    Not 100% dust mite resistant
    Anti-dust mite sheets, quilt covers, and pillow bags are sewn by sewing machines through many pieces of fabric. They go through thousands of needle holes and zipper holes. Softiehk can only minimize the sensitivity of dust mites

    Qualification test GB/T 24253-2009, 9.2

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