hotel down pillow


    If you want to choose among the top 3 hotel-style down pillows, Softiehk down pillows must be in the ranking. It has been making down pillows for 5-star hotels for 30 years. The choice is wide, there are 3 sizes for different bed sizes, 4 There are different softness or heights for customers with different requirements, and some models are available in duck down and goose down.

    The softness of down pillows in five-star hotels is one of their advantages. This softness can provide a comfortable sleeping experience, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Someone complained that the hotel pillow was uncomfortable because the down pillow he stayed in was too produced and the down weight was not enough. Put more down into the down pillow, will increase its supporting capacity. This may be an important consideration for those who want better support.

    Softiehk down pillows are available in three different sizes (standard, queen, emperor). Depends on your bed. Generally speaking, larger pillows are likely to provide a more comfortable sleep experience.